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There are no obstacles we can’t defeat

BikeHud Sp. z o. o. was established in January 2020, our strengths is experienced team (PhD’s and M.Sc’s in Computer Science). We always reach all project goals – we always use appropriate technologies and devices. Our experiences are connected with both software and hardware engineering (and architecture creation).

Our skills

Every day we are working under our skills, we are trying to get more knowledge and improve our skills

Diversified technologies

Our team have diversified skills – we can guarantee that we will use the most appropriate and efficient technologies to realise your project.

Safety of your solution

We can guarantee safety of the whole implementation process and of the solution we prepare

Our motto is “The Sky is the limit.. and we are above the sky!”. There are no obstacles we can’t defeat. We realise all previously established requirements. The second motto of our team is honesty. The amount set is the amount you will pay. Every project we realise with our experience and skills.


Technologies in which we are working

Meet BikeHud team